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Permaculture Plants: Parsley

Scientific Name: Petroselinum crispum
Family: Apiaceae (the Carrot or Parsley family)

I was fortunate to live and travel for a few years in the Mediterranean and Middle East. It would be shocking  for the cultures in this part of the world to consider Parsley as nothing more than a green decoration on a plate, […]

Hardiness Zones, Heat Zones, and Sunset Climate Zones

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has been producing a Hardiness Zone Map for many years. This map divides the U.S. into Zones 1 through 10 based on minimum temperatures (1 being the coldest and 10 being the warmest). A plant is placed into one of these Hardiness […]

Practicing Permaculture Principle One… Observation

I have written previously about Permaculture Principles. Since discovering Permaculture years ago, I have slowly been trying to put these principles into practice in my day to day life and thinking. If you are new to this site, you will know that I do not say this in some […]

Chilling Requirements for Plants

As we are entering the hottest part of the year (in the northern hemisphere), I thought I would discuss a much cooler topic… Chilling Requirements for Plants.


There are certain plants that require cold temperatures to produce fruit. This is why, for example, apples are not grown much in Florida. […]

Modern Agriculture Marketing Lies



I am sure this quick post will upset some people on both sides of the argument, but I have been rather disturbed as of late about how modern agriculture […]

New Geoff Lawton Video!

If you have followed this site for any length of time, you should be very familiar with Geoff Lawton. He was asked to run the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia when Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture, stepped down from day-to-day operations. What a brilliant choice! Geoff has been […]

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    Get Your Kids in the Natural World! – Part 1: Get them in the garden!

Get Your Kids in the Natural World! – Part 1: Get them in the garden!

I have written previously about how important it is to get children into the garden… into nature in general. I want to share a few photos and stories of how I do that now. But first I really want to make a point that it doesn’t have to be […]

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    Happy Earth Day – The New TCPermaculture Site is Live!!!!!

Happy Earth Day – The New TCPermaculture Site is Live!!!!!

The new Temperate Climate Permaculture site is live! I really didn’t plan this to happen on Earth Day, but it is pretty cool that it did!

I still have some work to do, but I wanted to get it up as soon as was reasonable. Please let me know if you see […]

What I am Brewing: Bitter American Revolution

Name: Bitter American Revolution


History of this beer: English Bitter – the term “bitter” is just an older English term for “pale ale”. There is a wide variety of beers that fall under this category. Bitters can be light gold to dark amber. They can have a low 3% alcohol […]

Permaculture Plants: Camas

Scientific Name: Camassia species

Family: Asparagaceae (the Asparagus family) formerly in Hyacinthaceae (the Hyacinth family) which is now considered the subfamily Scilloideae under the Asparagaceae family

Common Species (well actually all of them, since there are only six):

  • Prairie Camas (Camassia angusta)
  • Cussick’s Camas (Camassia cusickii) – mostly occurs in eastern Oregon, but […]