Original Article: The dirty little secrets of a Native American garden (follow this link).

Once again, thanks to my good friend Jake for sending me this article. Go ahead and read the original article first, but I’ll give the secret away here in a moment.

The dirty little secret of the garden is… urine! It is always a little fun when you know someone else’s secret. But it’s a bit of a let down if you already knew it. I was hoping to put another trick up my sleeve. I have been promoting urine in the garden for quite some time now. My boys started to help fertilize the garden when they were two years old. They would say the garden was thirsty or ask me which plant needed nitrogen (okay, that came when they were three… honest!). Then they would go out to the garden, drop trousers, and pee in the soil or mulch around a plant. I have since seen the same concept promoted by Martin Crawford (author of the incredible book,¬†Forest Gardening) and Marjory Wildcraft (creator of the Grow Your Groceries DVD).

I didn’t originate this concept. Martin Crawford or Marjory Wildcraft didn’t either. The Native Americans referenced in this article may have, but they likely inherited it from even older tribes. I doubt we will ever know for sure. But whoever came up with the idea… it truly doesn’t matter. What matters is that it works!

We may not always have the scientific explanations or the historical attributions, but if we have a method that works, we should strongly consider using it in our Permaculture designs.

Just my quick thoughts for the day. Now get out there an pee in your gardens!!!


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