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    The Permaculture Diet (Part 2): The Permaculture Diet in Action

The Permaculture Diet (Part 2): The Permaculture Diet in Action

Please read The Permaculture Diet (Part 1) for more background information. The photo above is local produce from our organic farm market, meat from our local beef producer, and eggs from one of my patients!

After developing the Permaculture Diet, I decided to try it for a week. As […]

My Grand Experiment… The Permaculture Diet (Part 1)

The Permaculture Diet (Part 1): How it started. An Ethical Diet. Health Benefits. Community.

This started as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek response to being called “Dr. Permaculture” for the hundredth time. Every celebrity doctor has a diet plan, I thought, so why not embrace my new moniker and create a […]

My Thoughts on Herbal Medicines

Article originally published on 26 August 2011.
Edited/Updated on 25 June 2013.

Herbal medicines have likely been used for about as long as mankind has been on the Earth. They continued to be used along side more “modern” medicines for a while, but as time progressed, herbal medicines have slowly been […]

Permaculture Plants: Echinacea

Scientific Name: Echinacea species
Family: Asteraceae (the Aster, Daisy, or Sunflower family)
Common Species (well actually all of them, since there are only nine):

  • Narrow-leaf Coneflower (Echinacea angustifolia) – native to central and eastern North America, commonly used in gardens and medicinals
  • Topeka Purple Coneflower (Echinacea atrorubens) – native to Kansas, parts of Oklahoma […]

Upcoming Conference at the Seed Savers Exchange!

I wanted to do some free advertising for an organization I support. The Seed Savers Exchange is a wonderful non-profit whose goal is to preserve and share heirloom seeds. They have been offering a conference with workshops for the last 32 years! Their next annual conference is in about […]

My Biggested Gardening Regret… so far

I see most mistakes or failures as learning opportunities. This can be with gardening, Permaculture, jobs, relationships, or just about any activity of which I can think. However, there are only a few things I truly regret in life. Most are small in the grand scheme of life. Most […]

Permaculture Plants: Watercress

Scientific Name: Nasturtium officinale
Family: Brassicaceae (the Crucifers or Cabbage/Broccoli/Turnip/Radish family)

Watercress is a prime example of why there should be extra layers in the Edible Forest Garden (see my article on the Nine Layers of the Food Forest). This amazing plant does best when grown in an aquatic or wetland […]

How long will seeds last (stay viable)?

I have recently read a few articles on “preparedness” dealing with long-term seed saving. You know, those “seed banks” you can purchase which will feed a family every day for the rest of their lives should the apocalypse occur, even if they have never gardened in their life! Okay, […]

Permaculture Plants: Columbine

Scientific Name:
 Aquilegia species
 Ranunculaceae (this family contains Anemone, Buttercup, Clematis, Delphinium, Goldenseal, Nigella, and more)

Common Species:

  • Eastern Red/Canadian/Wild Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis)
  • Common Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris)

Many ornamental gardeners know the Columbine is great at attracting bees and hummingbirds, but most people don’t realize the flowers and leaves are edible. I also believe that research will show this […]

Permaculture is an Ethical Design Science

Through the years it took to become a physician, I heard the maxim, “First, do no harm” repeated so often that it almost became a mantra in my head as I walked along the hospital halls at night. This phrase is so integrated into our medical education that it […]