I am a huge advocate of getting our kids into the natural world and into the agricultural world. Please read my first article on this subject here: Get your Kids in the Natural World! – Part 1: Get them in the garden! All children should understand, and not be frightened, of nature. All children should understand where their food comes from. At this stage in my life, we have no animals other than a dog. Hopefully, this will change in about a year’s time, but for now I have to make do with what we have. So when we had the opportunity to visit a heritage farm here in the Azores, where we currently live, I certainly wasn’t going to pass. My rather pregnant wife and I got to watch our three young kids tour an historic, renovated Azorean farmhouse (whose owners dress in traditional Azorean farm clothes); feed the chickens, ducks, and geese; ride a donkey; milk the cow; visit the piglets; and eat freshly made bread still warm from the traditional wood-fired stone oven and slathered with local butter and jams… yeah, of course we participated in that part as well!


My daughter loved to pet the donkey… riding it was another story!


My youngest and oldest posing with the traditional Azorean breed of cattle. I was told by the farmwife that it was called the “Azores Cattle”, and it dates back to the 1400’s and maybe even the 1300’s. I can find nothing online about them… if anyone knows more about this breed, I would love to read it!


Teaching my daughter (2 years old) how to milk a cow!


My second oldest (4 years old) really started to get into it.


My oldest (5 years old) got the milk out and was done… he was like, “I did it, why do I need to do it again?”, but he was the first of my kids to sample the milk! It was quite sweet.


Milking a cow may have not been his thing, but he could have fed the chickens all day long if we would have let him!


My second oldest just wanted to walk with the chickens. He was out there, just him and the poultry, for quite a while. We finally had to call him back. He ran up and said, “Dad, we have got to get a farm!” Ahhhh… music to my soul!


One last goodbye to the chickens, ducks, and geese before we had to leave.


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