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The Myth of Land Ownership

“…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
– Benjamin Franklin

“The bank – the monster has to have profits all the time. It can’t wait. It’ll die. No, taxes go on. When the monster stops growing, […]

My Plan for an Intentional Community

“No one has to sell us about the pleasures of a small town. We know them well, if not from reality, then from the old Andy Griffith Show, or It’s a Wonderful Life. But the small town we all know best is the one deep in our […]

Had to take a break…

I’ve had to take a break from pretty much all of life’s activities to focus on my family. We have been blessed yet again with another little girl. She was born about two and a half weeks ago. Both she and my wife are doing great, and my other […]

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