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You probably know one. A Food Snob. This is a person who typifies the word “snob”. This person will go on and on about the wine they drank with “cherry aroma and a strong, yet balanced, oak finish, with hints of chocolate and prunes.” While they may know what they are speaking about, in reality, their goal is to tell you they spent $200 for the bottle of wine. They want to make you feel less informed and cheap. They want to feel better about themselves. They are sad people.

If you want a humerous and witty read that further defines Food Snobs, take a look at this excerpt from The Food Snob’s Dictionary.

But to me, there is second type of Food Snob… call it a second-tier Food Snob, or a nice Food Snob. I am one of these Food Snobs. Some may call us “Foodies”, but this term conjures an image that is a bit too casual and pedestrian, so I still think Food Snob is a better term for people like me. I like food… okay, I love food. A lot. I love most food, but I really love good food. I talk about food. I read about food. I cook a lot. I experiment and practice in the kitchen a lot as well. I also love to teach others about food, not to make myself sound informed, but because I want everyone to appreciate good food as much as I do. To me, eating good food is one of the simplest, yet most important, pleasures in life, and I feel everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a great meal.

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