Birding with My Daughter

I officially went birding for the first time with my 5 year-old daughter. I personally love birding (see my previous article on The Benefits of Birding for Permaculturists). I am not naive enough to think her interest isn’t, in part, […]

Don’t Wash Your Hands!

Almost 1 year ago, Tasha Sturm, a microbiology lab technician at Cabrillo College, posted the photo above. It is a bacterial culture of her 8-year-old son’s handprint. She had her son place his hand on a large petri-dish after he was playing outside, and this is what grew! Amazing!

This […]

Making an Herbal Tea with Local Ingredients

All people have a specific set of taste preferences. This is a combination of genetic predispositions, culture, food and taste exposures, and likely many other factors. My oldest daughter (currently age 4) has a set of taste preferences closest to mine; we will pretty much eat anything. This will […]

Wild Mushroom Identification (and a project for kids!)

I want to take a few minutes to explain why identifying your local mushrooms is important. Even if you have no desire to ever eat a wild mushroom, which I think is a travesty, there is still a few good reasons to go beyond simple avoidance.

And for all you […]

Saying Goodbye to the Azores

My family and I have spent the last 2 years living in the Azores, an oceanic (maritime) temperate climate. The Azores are a group of 9 Portuguese, volcanic islands about 850 miles (1925 km) off the coast of Portugal. That puts it pretty much 2/3 of the distance from New […]

Had to take a break…

I’ve had to take a break from pretty much all of life’s activities to focus on my family. We have been blessed yet again with another little girl. She was born about two and a half weeks ago. Both she and my wife are doing great, and my other […]

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    Get your Kids in the Natural World! – Part 2: Touring an Azorean Farm!

Get your Kids in the Natural World! – Part 2: Touring an Azorean Farm!

I am a huge advocate of getting our kids into the natural world and into the agricultural world. Please read my first article on this subject here: Get your Kids in the Natural World! – Part 1: Get them in the garden! All children should understand, and not be […]

The Permaculture Prime Directive

The painting above is titled, The Doctor, and was painted in 1877 by Sir Luke Fildes. This poignant image always makes me pause… as a parent, a physician, and a permaculturist, this painting hits me on so many levels. We are at the bedside of a sick patient. That sick patient […]

Great article about real Native American gardens.

Original Article: The dirty little secrets of a Native American garden (follow this link).

Once again, thanks to my good friend Jake for sending me this article. Go ahead and read the original article first, but I’ll give the secret away here in a moment.

The dirty little secret of […]

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    Get Your Kids in the Natural World! – Part 1: Get them in the garden!

Get Your Kids in the Natural World! – Part 1: Get them in the garden!

I have written previously about how important it is to get children into the garden… into nature in general. I want to share a few photos and stories of how I do that now. But first I really want to make a point that it doesn’t have to be […]