Local Food

Rendering Duck Fat

I wrote in my previous article on Bone Broth about how I save the fat that rises to the top of the cooled broth. I scoop this out and put it into a dutch oven on the stove. The fat is rendered down and put into jars, and I […]

Making Bone Broth

I love bone broth.

Bone broth is the flavorful liquid produced when bones from poultry, fish, beef, lamb, etc. are simmered for hours to days with vegetables, herbs, and spices.

It tastes great. Seriously. Bone broth has a rich flavor that reawakens the sense of what food is supposed to taste […]

Making an Herbal Tea with Local Ingredients

All people have a specific set of taste preferences. This is a combination of genetic predispositions, culture, food and taste exposures, and likely many other factors. My oldest daughter (currently age 4) has a set of taste preferences closest to mine; we will pretty much eat anything. This will […]

Goose Egg for Breakfast!

Typically, geese only lay eggs seasonally and not in high numbers, so goose eggs are not commercially available. But for those who raise geese, and are not quite ready for goslings, then it is a rare treat.

Uniformity is Unnatural!

Thought I’d share a photo of some eggs from our farm.

Be a Food Snob! (a new article I wrote for AgriTrue)

The following is an excerpt from my new article at AgriTrue.com

You probably know one. A Food Snob. This is a person who typifies the word “snob”. This person will go on and on about the wine they drank with “cherry aroma and a strong, yet balanced, oak finish, with hints of […]