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Permaculture Plants: Muscadines

Common Name: Muscadine, Scuppernong, Bullace, Bull Grape, Bird Grape, Munson’s Grape, Southern Fox Grape, White Grape, Fruit of the Mother Vine
Scientific Name: Vitis rotundifolia
Family: Vitaceae (the Grape family)

I’ve been planning on planting a large number of Muscadines for a long time, and recently Jack Spirko published a podcast discussing Muscadines, and so I […]

Permaculture Plants: Sweet Potatoes

Common Name: Sweet Potato, Creeping Yam, Kūmara
Scientific Name: Ipomoea batatas
Family: Convolvulaceae (the Bindweed or Morning Glory family)

Sweet Potatoes are perennial in climates warmer than USDA Zone 8 or 9, and are grown as annuals if the climate is cooler; however, I personally think that with some experimentation and large trials, we could […]

Permaculture Plants: Vetch

Scientific Name: Vicia species
Family: Fabaceae (the Legume or Pea or Bean family)

Common Species:

  • American/Purple Vetch (Vicia americana) – perennial; fair flavor (top photo)
  • Carolina Wood Vetch or Pale Vetch (Vicia caroliniana) – perennial
  • Tufted/Bird/Cow Vetch (Vicia cracca) – perennial; poor flavor; good forage crop used with cattle
  • Bitter Vetch or Burçak (Vicia ervilia) – annual; poor flavor; good forage crop […]

Permaculture Plants: Hog Peanut

Scientific Name: Amphicarpaea bracteata
Family: Fabaceae (the Legume or Bean or Pea family)

This North American native plant is one of the rare shade-tolerant nitrogen-fixers. It can be used as a groundcover, has two types of edible seeds, and has edible roots. The Hog Peanut fills a niche in the Forest Garden and is likely […]