Livestock and Animals

Who needs a plow when you have animals?

We are in the midst of preparing one of our fields for an edible forest garden (aka food forest). The pasture is mostly in grass, but not in great condition. We need to deal with this grass, and there are a few ways to do it. Many people spray […]

Goose Egg for Breakfast!

Typically, geese only lay eggs seasonally and not in high numbers, so goose eggs are not commercially available. But for those who raise geese, and are not quite ready for goslings, then it is a rare treat.

Uniformity is Unnatural!

Thought I’d share a photo of some eggs from our farm.

Eggmobile: Bauernhof Kitsteiner Style

An EggMobile (a term created by Joel Salatin, I believe) is a mobile chicken coop for laying hens. It allows us to easily move the coop anywhere on the property. This lets us target where we let our chickens free-range. We will sometimes use a poultry net fence and […]

Time to start a Forest Garden!

It has begun! We have owned our land for just over a year, and have lived here for almost 9 months. We have experienced all four seasons. We are significantly more tuned in to our land. We are finally ready to start designing our food forest.

A food forest, also […]

A Bauernhof Kitsteiner Update

Four months. That is how long we have been living at our new farm. At times, it seems as if we only just arrived, but we have accomplished a lot in such a short time. Here are a few of our accomplishments: We unpacked our boxes; we cleared thousands of […]

Permaculture Projects: A Moderately Large Chicken Brooder!

We have been very busy here at Bauernhof Kitsteiner (our new farm and homestead), but I wanted to take a few moments to share one of the many projects we have been working on during the last few weeks.

This is our new chicken brooder. I call it “moderately large” because […]

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    COURSE: Risk Free Ranching – Starting From Scratch (2 Day Course)

COURSE: Risk Free Ranching – Starting From Scratch (2 Day Course)

We are excited to be finally offering courses here at the Bauernhof Kitsteiner, home of Temperate Climate Permaculture!

Risk Free Ranching – Starting from Scratch
25-26 September 2015 (Friday and Saturday)

Grazing expert Greg Judy will be teaching a 2-day course on how to make a living from the land by […]

Beyond the Chicken… Alternative Poultry Options

For those interested in poultry options beyond the chicken…

Although they do not need to swim, ducks do need regular access to standing water to stay healthy. Ducks need to be able to dunk their heads while feeding to keep their eyes and nostrils clean. With that said, ducks are notorious water […]

Multispecies Grazing: An Introduction

Years ago, I read a great book titled Small-Scale Livestock Farming by Carol Ekarius. It was in this book that I first came across the idea of multispecies grazing. I immediately fell in love with this concept, and over time I have continued to find more and more reasons […]