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Book Review: The Bio-Integrated Farm

The Bio-Integrated Farm: A Revolutionary Permaculture-Based System Using Greenhouses, Ponds, Compost Piles, Aquaponics, Chickens, and More by Shawn Jadrnicek

Full Disclosure:
I was given a copy of this book by Chelsea Green Publishing in exchange for writing an honest review on my website.

Bottom Line Up Front:
I was really impressed with this book.

Full Review:
I’ll […]

The Permaculture Wardrobe

Permaculturists frequently speak about the Permaculture Wardrobe. I first heard it from Geoff Lawton, but I am not sure if the concept originated with him. The wardrobe is an idea that describes the knowledge that can be drawn from and the skills that can be applied to a Permaculture project. I have […]

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    Contour Gardening with Woody Beds (a.k.a. Micro-Hugelkultur)

Contour Gardening with Woody Beds (a.k.a. Micro-Hugelkultur)

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Contour Gardening with Woody Beds

There has been a large interest in hugelkultur since Sepp Holzer brought the term to the Permaculture lexicon. Although it has been around for hundreds of years, hugelkultur is having a bit of a […]