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The Trouble with Facebook Permaculture

Facebook Permaculture.

That’s my new term for the day. And it has really been bugging me.

The problem is that I’m guilty of it myself.

I need to say that at the onset. I don’t want to come across in a condescending way, because I do it.

I don’t think we really mean to, […]

Book Review: The Bio-Integrated Farm

The Bio-Integrated Farm: A Revolutionary Permaculture-Based System Using Greenhouses, Ponds, Compost Piles, Aquaponics, Chickens, and More by Shawn Jadrnicek

Full Disclosure:
I was given a copy of this book by Chelsea Green Publishing in exchange for writing an honest review on my website.

Bottom Line Up Front:
I was really impressed with this book.

Full Review:
I’ll […]

The First Year at the Bauernhof!

This week marks the one year anniversary of moving to our farm, the Bauernhof Kitsteiner.

It has been busy. It’s been exciting. We’ve had successes. We’ve had failures. We have had sad times. We have had a lot of fun.

I am going to go through each of the projects we […]

Time to start a Forest Garden!

It has begun! We have owned our land for just over a year, and have lived here for almost 9 months. We have experienced all four seasons. We are significantly more tuned in to our land. We are finally ready to start designing our food forest.

A food forest, also […]

Bruce Lee would be a Permaculturist

Bruce Lee was a genius. Unfortunately, many people only know him from his martial arts movies, which can be a bit cheesy by modern standards, and most people have never even seen his movies and only know him by his reputation as a martial arts actor. In reality, he […]

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    Permaculture Documentary… Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective

Permaculture Documentary… Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective

This is a really interesting project and a great introductory video. I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the people highlighted in this trailer, and I am really excited to see the finished project, but they could use some extra funding.

Please visit Costa and Emmet’s Kickstarter […]

A Visit to the P.A. Bowen Farmstead

When I was living in Turkey, my friend Jake told me that I needed to read a book titled, Nourishing Traditions. He thought I would enjoy it considering my interest in food and health, and he […]

A Visit to Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm

I wrote the following words on Facebook a few weeks ago:

I first stumbled across a copy of Joel Salatin’s “You Can Farm” almost 15 years ago in a small library. I read it and was intrigued… maybe obsessed is a better word. His writing germinated in my […]

TCP Update: April 2014

I have not written for about a month, but I have a good reason… I was on the road for three weeks. And to top it off, I returned home just one day before the movers arrived. As I type this, my house is filled with boxes. After four […]

Gone to Permaculture Voices!

I’ll be at the Permaculture Voices Conference for the next few days. I will be enjoying the talks and workshops, I will be speaking on Saturday, and I will just be enjoying hanging out with a bunch of great Permaculture folks!

If you are there, please stop by and […]