How a Newt Matters

It is hard to capture in words the exact feelings I have about an amphibian.

We all have something… or maybe we had something, in the past sense.

There were certain things or people or places that captured our passions as children. It may have been a specific toy. It may have been a […]

Birding with My Daughter

I officially went birding for the first time with my 5 year-old daughter. I personally love birding (see my previous article on The Benefits of Birding for Permaculturists). I am not naive enough to think her interest isn’t, in part, […]

Spiders Is Good!

I don’t quote movies often, but I occasionally will repeat a random quote from a random movie, Fletch Lives. One character, Calculus Entropy (an undercover FBI agent) meets Chevy Chase in a run down house infested with insects. He sagely states, “Spiders is good. They eats the cockroaches.”

I have use […]

Designing A Custom Native Plant List

The first Permaculture Ethic is Earth Care. This can be realized in many different ways depending on appropriate context. Personally, as my family is preparing for our move to the farm, I have been in massive planning mode. For us, one aspect of planning for Earth Care will be […]

The Benefits of Birding for Permaculturists

I am an amateur naturalist. I absolutely love nature. I love being in the natural world. I love studying nature and all the sciences encompassing and surrounding it. I love that I am still mesmerized and in awe of nature. I love trying to understand the natural world, and I […]

Seventy Distinctive Mushrooms (Part Two: 11-20)

As I discussed in my recent article, Fighting Fungophobia (or Mycophobia) …the fear of mushrooms, here is a list of 70 Distinctive Mushrooms.

Seventy Distinctive Mushrooms (Part One: 1-10)
Seventy Distinctive Mushrooms (Part Two: 11-20)
Seventy Distinctive Mushrooms (Part […]

Predatory Gastropods… aka Carnivorous Snails and Slugs

I struggled with slugs in my garden this Winter. I live in a mild weather location, an island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Our Winters are chilly but not cold. We have no snow, but we have a lot of rain and wind, and with that rain comes […]

Mason Bees… A quick overview

I just read an interesting article in the March/April edition of Urban Farm Magazine on Mason Bees. I just started a subscription to this magazine. Overall, it is a pretty entertaining read. There are a lot of great photos. There are some good articles; however, I think there are […]