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My goal is to provide quality information on plants, gardening, farming, farm animals, homesteading, and self-sufficiency through the lens of Permaculture.


Ultimately, my desire is that I will be able to build a relationship with my audience, and I truly hope to get to know you better in the future!

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Why do I have an email subscription list in the first place?

First, I want to get to know you. It’s simple, but true. This is a great way for me to stay in touch with you.

Second, I don’t want you to forget about me. A big online frustration I have is losing a really great website. I often stumble across a site that I think I will really enjoy, and then I totally forget about it, only to stumble across it again a few months (or years!) later. I may bookmark it, but I have lost those bookmarks many times (accidentally deleted it, computer got fried… both happened to me). I have even emailed the site name to myself, and then the email gets buried. Then there are the times I have found some great information on a site, and then a few days later I can’t find the website again. My hope is that you find the information on my site worthy of your time. By subscribing to TCP, you will never forget the site or fail to find it!

Third, one day in the future, I would love for Permaculture to be my main job. Right now, I make no money on this site. Everything I do right now is open to anyone. I may make a few cents once in a while when someone buys a book on Amazon that I have recommended, but that is it. Eventually, when a few things change (very soon!) I want to start teaching and consulting. When that happens, I want to let you know about it.

I cannot tolerate giving my email away and either getting spammed (because the site sold or gave away my email address) or getting a ton of useless emails from the site. I will never give or sell your information to anyone, for any reason, ever! I will only email you when I have written a new blog article (3-5 times per week) or when I have something really important I want to share (maybe 3-5 times per year).

I also can’t stand not being able to get off a mailing list. I am still getting emails once a day from about three organizations because it is so difficult to unsubscribe. At the bottom of each email I send you will be a link to EASILY unsubscribe if you ever choose to do so… but I hope you never do!

So there you have it. A few reasons and a few promises.

Please contact me if you have any questions.