The Bauernhof!

The Bauernhof!

I decided to publish a brief video log (vlog) of our life here at our farm, the Bauernhof Kitsteiner. Starting on day one of our arrival to the property, I will publish a video almost everyday documenting what we have going on.

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The Bauernhof Kitsteiner: Easy Living! (This is a video one of our WOOFERs made while at our farm)

May 2015

June 2015

July 2015
August 2015
  • Episode 36 (An animal update: sheep, pigs, ducks, and geese)
  • Episode 37 (New mobile shelter for sheep and pigs)
  • Episode 38 (Feeding fermented grains to the pigs and sheep)
  • Episode 39 (Abigail feeding ducks)
  • Episode 40 (Laying chicks arrive!)
  • Episode 41 (166 new chicken sin our brooder: 101 broiler and 65 egg layers)
September 2015
October 2015
  • Episode 44 (Repairing degraded land using sheep, pigs, and chicken)
  • Episode 45 (Repairing Arrowhead Pond)
November 2015
  • Episode 46 (Making chicken stock)
  • Episode 47 (Our 9 week old Cornish Rock Cross chickens are ready for processing!)
  • Episode 48 (Processing day for the broiler chickens)
  • Episode 49 (The scalder and plucker in action)
  • Episode 50 (Finishing a long day of processing chickens)
  • Episode 51 (An update on, and closer look at, our layer chickens.)
  • Episode 52 (Introducing a ram to the ewes)
  • Episode 53 (Pig update)
  • Episode 54 (Using sheep against brambles)
  • Episode 55 (Our portable pig/sheep shelter)
  • Episode 56 (Pasture improvement with sheep, pigs, and chickens)
December 2015
  • Episode 57 (Introducing 3 new pigs to the farm!)
  • Episode 58 (Combining the geese and ducks into one family)
  • Episode 59 (A video Grampa shot showing the overflow from our pond after a long, hard rain. If we had not fixed the damn wall, we may have lost the pond. The repair was just in time.)
  • Episode 60 (Another video shot by Grampa after a long, hard rain. This video shows our sill working as designed when the volume exceeded the capacity of our main drain.)
  • Episode 61 (Sheep playing follow the leader!)
  • Episode 62 (Flooding of the duck and goose paddock.)
  • Episode 63 (The geese and ducks enjoying the flooded paddock.)
  • Episode 64 (A pond in need of repair. Getting dangerously close to some big problems.)
  • Episode 65 (Quick fix of our pond in danger.)
  • Episode 66 (More water management issues — A cut back erosion channel in a valley.)
  • Episode 67 (Feeding fermented grains to our sheep and pigs.)
  • Episode 68 (Our birds sleeping after having their wings clipped.)
  • Episode 69 (Dead ducks! Ugh!)
January 2016

February 2016

  • Episode 72 (Checking for Eggs at our new EggMobile!)
March 2016
April 2016
  • Episode 77 (Twins! The first lambs born on the farm!)
  • Episode 78 (The first lambs on the farm, enjoying Spring on the first day of life!)
  • Episode 79 (Four geese lost in one night. One goose sitting on a nest.)
  • Episode 80 (Spring lamb update.)
  • Episode 81 (Tree planting preparation.)
  • Episode 82 (Tree planting preparation, Part 2.)
  • Episode 83 (Getting our first tress in the ground!)
  • Episode 84 (Heeling in some of our bare-root trees that we couldn’t plan right away.)
May 2016
  • Episode 85 (Moving the sheep across the property.)
  • Episode 86 (Using our sheep to clear an overgrown, weedy area.)
  • Episode 87 (Getting started on our farm’s first swale. Will be about one-half mile in total length when done!)
  • Episode 88 (Our first swales in action!)
  • Episode 89 (Bonfire at the Bauernhof!)
  • Barn Swallows (We found a pair of Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica) trapped in our garage one evening!)
  • Episode 90 (Meet our newest female lamb… Ballerina. Yes, my daughter named her, so now I love the name.)
  • Episode 91 (Planting the swale)
  • Episode 92 (Dung Beetles in the pastures!)
  • Episode 93 (Using Thistle to improve the soil)
  • Episode 94 (New chicks arrive on the farm)
  • Episode 95 (Using sheep to mow the lawn)
June 2016
July 2016
August 2016
  • Episode 101 (Moving the turkeys to a new paddock)
  • Episode 102 (The turkeys meed the ram lambs for the first time… unexpected result!)
  • Episode 103 (Our new sheep and turkey set-up)
  • Episode 104 (Starting seeds for the Fall garden)
  • Episode 105 (Installing a new floor on the Egg Mobile)
  • Episode 106 (Rotational grazing with our Katahdin Hair Sheep)
August 2016
  • Episode 107 (Moving the Egg Mobile means retraining our flock to their home)

September 2016

  • Episode 108 (Maximilian Sunflowers (Helianthus maximiliani) popping up all over the farm!)
  • Episode 109 (Getting started on our garden… finally!)
  • Episode 110 (Our mobile livestock shade shelters.)
  • Episode 111 (Spiderwebs as a marker of pasture biodiversity and regeneration.)

October 2016

  • Episode 112 (Red-Winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) chasing a Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis).)
  • Episode 113 (Our current livestock watering system using 275-gallon IBC totes with a garden hose adaptor.)

November 2016

December 2016

  • Episode 118 (Piglets nursing on different moms!)
  • Episode 119 (Pig about to give birth… nursing other piglets!)
  • Episode 120 (Delivery of a piglet! Pig home birth!)
  • Episode 121 (Smoking bacon and barbecuing a pork shoulder from our farm-raised hog.)


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